Prof. KV Ramanath

K.V. Ramanath (Katta venkatesh Ramanath) working as an associate professor in the department of pharmacy practice in SAC College of pharmacy, BG Nagar, Karnataka. He pursued his Ph.D. through Quality Improvement Program in Manipal College of pharmaceutical sciences. , Karnataka. He has few research presentations in national [ Indian pharmaceutical congress (IPC 63rd, 66 th),APTICON 2014,2016],International(DUPHAT,ISPE conferences) & publications in indexed national and international journals and actively participating as an volunteer continuously in the various ISPOR [International Society of pharmaco-economic outcome research( conference review activities)] since 2012 onwards and also ISPE(International society of Pharmaco-epidemiological research) research review voluntary activities. He is actively involved in various SAC- Pharmacy Practice Departmental activities in the rural area & co-author for Quarterly Publishing SACP Clinical pharmacy newsletters and also headed as the department in charge of 2014-2016 October. He is also actively involved in various committees of NAC & NBA activities of SACCP. He had life memberships of APTI (Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India), ISPOR-Karnataka chapter.His Research area of interest is Pharmaco-epidemiological research, toxicology, Pharmaco Economics, drug utilization evaluation & drug related problems, clinical outcome research studies, Specialized population studies cover geriatrics, pediatrics, OBG areas.