Science (IF: 31) report confirmed the high standard of SDI journal


As per a recent report (Link) of Science journal (present Impact factor 31), one of our journal (British Journal of Pharmaceutical Research) passed a stringent test of the quality of Peer review by rejecting a fake article (Link1Link2Link3). We applaud the dedication and hard work of our peer reviewers and editors to maintain the high standard of our journals. It was reported that out of total 304 journals, only 20 journals rejected the fake article after substantial peer review. We are happy that our journal was among these few successful journals along with industry leaders like PLoS One, Hindawi, etc. We believe that the result of this experiment also proved the efficacy of our Advanced OPEN peer review and ‘post-publication’ peer review system. Though the report is debated, as it did not include subscription journals, we normally support any effort to improve the quality and transparency of peer review.

Reference: Who’s Afraid of Peer Review? Science (present Impact factor 31), 4 October 2013: Vol. 342 no. 6154 pp. 60-65, DOI: 10.1126/science.342.6154.60