Identification and Isolation of Fungi in Abattoir and Poultry Amended Plots in Ilorin, Southern Guinea Savanna

M. A. Adegbite, A. R. Sanda, I. Ahmed, M. Ibrahim, A. O. Adegbite

Page: 1-13
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Gas Chromatographic FID Evaluation of Roots of Manniophyton fulvum

O. E. Mgbeke, E. C. Kalu, S. C. Okereke

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Nephrotoprotective Effect of Vernonia amygdalina (Bitter Leaf) Extract on Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia in Adult Male Rats

Atamgba Agbor Asuk, Melvin Nnaemeka Ugwu

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Effect of Chrysanthemum indicum Aqueous Extract on Some Biochemical and Haematological Parameters in Albino Rats

B. Hussaini, M. Y. Tula, G. A. Onyeje, G. G. Memi, U. I. Nne

Page: 1-8
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Comparative Evaluation of Some Bioactive Compounds in Raw and Boiled Egg Varieties: Eggs, Potential Nutraceuticals?

Eridiong O. Onyenweaku, Gregory E. Oko, Winifred A. Fila

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