Article ID : 2020/IJBCRR/54875 :  Antidiabetic Activity of Aqueous and Ethanolic Extracts of Stem Barks from Trichilia emetica (Meliaceae) in Alloxan-Induced Diabeticalbinos Rats
Djoupo Agnon Prisca1*, Dere Kwadjo Anicet Luc1, Manhan Kahissié1, Yapi Houphouet Félix2 and Tiahou Gnomblesson Georges1
1Department of Biochemistry, Laboratory of Medical Biochemistry, University Hospital of Bouaké, BP
V 18 01, Bouaké, Côte d’Ivoire.
2Pharmacodynamics Biochemical Laboratory, UFR Biosciences, Felix Houphouet-Boigny University,
P.O.Box 582 Abidjan 22, Côte d’Ivoire.


Article ID : 2020/IJBCRR/55091: Antimicrobial Efficacy of Methanolic and Aqueous Extracts of Partially Purified Protein from Young and Matured Root of Guiera senegalensis (Moshi Medicine)
M. K. Jiyil1*, M. I. Shago2, C. E. Mafuyai1, M. Silas1 and O. A. Olorunyomi1
1Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.
2Department of Chemistry, Yobe State University, Damaturu, Yobe State, Nigeria.


Article ID : 2020/IJBCRR/55114 : Study of Staining Capability of Alcoholic and Aqueous Hibiscus sabdariffa Extract in Demonstration of Selected Fungal Moulds in Some Selected Tissue Section of Wistar Rat
S. Y. Ma’aruf1*, M. O. Musa1, A. T. Muhammad1, R. I. Tsamiya1, U. Abubakar1*, I. Mohammed1, A. Umar1, S. M. Sani1, H. Kabir1, S. D. Abubakar2, N. Okorie3, and S. Garba4
1Department of Histopathology, School of Medical Laboratory Science, Usmanu Dandofiyo University,
Sokoto, Nigeria.
2Department of Medical Laboratory Science, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria.
3Department of Medical Laboratory Science, Faculty of Health Sciences, Ebonyi State University,
4Department of Medical Laboratory Science, College of Health science and Technology Jahun,
Jigawa State, Nigeria.



Article ID : 2020/IJBCRR/54494 :  In-vitro Investigation of Anti-giardia and Antioxidative Activities of Crude Extracts for Rhynchosia memnonia var. memnonia and Sonchus oleraceus used in Sudanese Ethnomedicine
Ahmed A. Elshikh1,2*, Mawahib E. M. ElNour1, Hatil H. Elkamali3 and Mohamed I. Garbi2
1Department of Biology and Biotechnology, Faculty of Science and Technology, Alneelain University,
Khartoum, Sudan.
2Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, International University of Africa,
Khartoum, Sudan.
3Department of Botany, Faculty of Science and Technology, Omdurman Islamic University,
Omdurman, Sudan.


Article ID : 2020/IJBCRR/54364 : Relation of Iron, TIBC and Oxidative Stress with Glycosylated Haemoglobin in Diabetes Mellitus
Nida Afreen Qureshi1, Kavita More1* and Sandeep Rai2
1Department of Biochemistry, MGM Medical College, Kamothe, Navi Mumbai, India.
2Department of Medicine, MGM Medical College and Hospital, Kamothe, Navi Mumbai, India.


Article ID : 2019/IJBCRR/52678 :Impact of Illegal Crude Oil Refining in Jike-ama River of Bille Kingdom, Rivers State Nigeria
Nwachoko, Ndidi1*, Davies, Bekinbo2 and Tetam, Jack Gbenenee1
1Department of Biochemistry, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
2Department of Chemistry, Rivers State University, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.


Article ID : 2019/IJBCRR/52467 :Evaluation of Heavy Metal Contamination in Surface and Ground Water in Maiganga, Gombe State, Nigeria
Babangida Hammani1*, Mohamed Salih Osman2, Khalid Abdallah Mohammed3,
Musa Yakubu1, Audu Danladi4 and Emmanuel O. Adanu1
1Department of Agricultural Education, Federal College of Education (Tech.), Gombe, Nigeria.
2Department of Horticultural Science, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of
Bakhtalruda, Ed duim, Sudan.
3Department of Crop Science, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of
Bakhtalruda, Ed duim, Sudan.
4Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Federal University, Kashere Gombe, Nigeria.



 Article ID : 2019/IJBCRR/51855 :The Proximate Composition and Anti-nutritive Content of Cnidoscolus aconitifolius Leaves
H. M. Adamu1, Paidayi Gabriel Bara1 and O. A. Ushie2*
1Department of Chemistry, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University (ATBU), Bauchi, Nigeria.
2Department of Chemical Sciences, Federal University, Wukari, Nigeria.




Article ID : 2019/IJBCRR/50832 : Evaluation of Serum Uric Acid, Serum Magnesiumand Lipid Profiles in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients for the Risk Factor of Cardiovascular Disease
Sonal Sogani1*, Navendru Kumar Gupta2* and Suman Jain1
1Department of Biochemistry, Pacific Institute of Medical Sciences, Udaipur (Raj.), 313015, India.
2Department of Medicine, Pacific Institute of Medical Sciences, Udaipur (Raj.), 313015, India.


Article ID : 2019/IJBCRR/50569 : Effect of Blanching on the Physico-chemical and Sensory Properties of Soymilk
J. K. Ikya1, J. S. Alakali1, M. O. Eke1 and M. N. Akpu2
1Federal University of Agriculture, P.M.B. 2373, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria.
2Federal Polytechnic, P.M.B, 55, Bida, Niger State, Nigeria.


 Article ID : 2019/IJBCRR/49903 : Effect of Graded Levels of Fermented Mango (Mangifera spp) Kernel Composite Meal on the Serological Parameters of Laying Japanese
Quails (Coturnix coturnix japonica)

F. B. P. Abang1* and Yerima Shettima Kolo1
1Department of Animal Production, Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria.


Article ID : 2019/IJBCRR/48837 : Nutrient and Bioactive Components of Annona muricata and Fagara zanthoxyloide in South-Southern Nigeria

O. U. Ekere1*, C. C. Monago-Ighorodje1, C. U. Ogunka-Nnoka1 and A. O. Ishaq1

1University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.


Article ID : 2018/IJBCRR/45748 : Roles of Anthropometric Variations and Serum Hormonal (Prolactin and Estradiol) Levels on the Initiation of Precocious Puberty
E. O. Akinluwade1,2, A. E. Udoh2, K. J. Akinluwade3*, I. K. P. Isong2 and I. E.Bassey2
1Department of Chemical Pathology, University of Calabar Teaching Hospital (UCTH), Calabar 540213, Nigeria.
2Department of Medical Laboratory Science, Chemical Pathology Unit, University of Calabar,  Calabar  540213, Nigeria.
3Department of Research and Development, Prototype Engineering Development Institute, National
Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI), Ilesa, 233036, Nigeria.


Article ID : 2018/IJBCRR/43724 : Serum Indices – A Tool to Measure Interfering Substances in Blood Samples

Usha Adiga1*
Professor, Department of Biochemistry, KS Hegde Medical Academy, Nitte –Deemed to be University, Mangalore, Karnataka, India.


Article ID : 2018/IJBCRR/42929 : Review on Pharmacological Potentials of Antidesma bunius

Md. Shariful Islam1*, Md. Sharif Ahammed1, Fakhrul Islam Sukorno2 , Sabiha Ferdowsy Koly1, Md. Morad Biswas1, Rajesh Goswami1 and Shaikat Hossain1
1Department of Pharmacy, Southeast University, Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
2Department of Pharmacy, North south University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Article ID : 2017/IJBCRR/36027 : Screening of Chilli Genotypes against the Fruit Rot Disease Caused by Colletotrichum capsici (Syd.) Butler and Bisby

Shilpa R. Koppad1*, R. K. Mesta2 and M. H. Tatagar3
1Department of Plant Pathology, Kittur Rani Channamma College of Horticulture, University of Horticultural Sciences, Arabhavi- 591 218, Bagalkot- 587 102, India.
2Department of Plant Pathology, College of horticulture, University of Horticultural Sciences, Bagalkot- 587 102, India.
3Department of Entomology, Kittur Rani Channamma College of Horticulture, University of Horticultural Sciences, Arabhavi- 591 218, Bagalkot- 587 102, India.



Article ID : 2016/IJBCRR/28974 : Evaluation of Cancer Chemopreventive Activity of Seriphidium herba-alba Extracts In vitro
Mahmoud Mohamed Mokhtar1*, Hesham Mohamed Shaban1,  Mohamed El-Amir F. Hegazy2 and Shawkey Seddik Ali1

1Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy (Boys), Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt.
2Department of Phytochemistry, Pharmaceutical and Drug Industries Division, National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt.


Article ID : 2017/IJBCRR/31507 : Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hcg) a Biochemical Oddity
Laurence A. Cole1,2*
1USA hCG Reference Service, Angel Fire NM 87710, USA.
2Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of New Mexico School of Medicine, Albuquerque, NM, USA.


Article ID : 2017/IJBCRR/36762 : Flavan-3-ols and Biological Implication of Camellia sinensis (L) O Kuntze
Arti Ghabru1*, Neerja Rana1 and R. G. Sud2
1Department of Basic Sciences, Dr. Y. S. Parmar Horticulture and Forestry, Nauni, Solan-173230, HP, India.
2Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, COBS, CSKHPKV, Palampur, Kangra-176062, HP, India.


Article ID : 2017/IJBCRR/35350 : Comparative Evaluation of Fatty Acid and Amino Acid Compositions of Pleurotus ostreatus (Pleurotacea) Cultivated by Substrate Organic Supplementation Techniques
P. N. Okoroh1*, A. A. Uwakwe1 and C. C. Monago-Ighorodje1
1Department of Biochemistry, Nutrition and Toxicology Unit, Faculty of Science, University of Port Harcourt, PMB 5323, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.