Evaluation of the Toxicity of the Ethanol Extract 70% of the Bark of Terminalia macroptera (Combretaceae) on Whistar Rats

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Traore Youssouf
Koné Monon
Ouattara Abou
Bahi Calix
Nathalie Kouadio Guessennd
Coulibaly Adama
Dosso Mireille


Nowadays, many medicinal plants have proved effective in combating the phenomenon of bacterial multi-resistance against conventional antibiotics. However, the use of these plants, traditionally is done without precise doses. And this inaccuracy of dose is a real problem of traditional medicine. Thus prospecting for empirically administered plant extract requires dosage monitoring to avoid the risk of a fatal therapeutic accident. It is in this context that the study of the toxicity of Terminalia macroptera which presents itself as an anti-infectious agent, capable of overcoming certain strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria has been initiated. The objective of this study is to evaluate the toxicity of 70% ethanol extract of T.macroptera in rats and to deduce its safety. With regard to the evaluation of the toxicity, rats were used whose mass varies between 100 and 170 grams. Then, using OECD Guideline 425, (2006), acute toxicity was achieved. Then the 100, 300 and 500 mg / kg bm doses were used in sub-acute toxicity to evaluate biochemical and hematological parameters. The results show an LD50> 5000 mg / kg bm. Therefore, according to the OECD classification, the hydroethanolic extract belongs to category 5, non-toxic substances. Also, the biochemical and hematological results revealed that the extract did not change at any time at P <0.05, biochemical marker levels (UREE, ASAT, ALAT, CK and LDH), reflecting vital organs of the body. So the extract would have no effect on the heart, liver and kidneys. 70% ethanol extract of T. macroptera would be safe for use as a drug and therefore could contribute to the production of Traditionally Enhanced Medicines (MTAs).

Terminalia macroptera, toxicite, triphytochimie

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Youssouf, T., Monon, K., Abou, O., Calix, B., Guessennd, N., Adama, C., & Mireille, D. (2019). Evaluation of the Toxicity of the Ethanol Extract 70% of the Bark of Terminalia macroptera (Combretaceae) on Whistar Rats. International Journal of Biochemistry Research & Review, 26(2), 1-17. https://doi.org/10.9734/ijbcrr/2019/v26i230090
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